Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ssssh....I'm not supposed to be here....

Yeah...bad me. I'm supposed to be writing. You know, the muse standing over me with a whip, flogging me every time my mind wanders...and it's been wandering A LOT today.

My favorite part of writing, is daydreaming about a new project. In a month or two it will be time to put said  'new project idea' into a formal proposal. This new idea of mine is like a bad weed, taking over, sucking out all light and thought, until all I can think of is it!!!

So, to break the spell, I went trolling through the net, persumably under the guise of searching for intimate bedroom attire for the newly married Victorian woman.....I came up with zero, but I found this picture, which of course, got me thinking again about that 'I cannot think of this' project.

Anyhoo, doesn't it look fun and fluffy? I don't have any sisters, and with my hectic schedule of writing and working and trying to be a wife and mother, I admittedly have lost contact with most of my friends. But when I look at this picture, it tugs at my heartstrings. It makes me think of female relationships and how wonderful and cozy they can be. I always wanted a sister....and I know my new heroine has LOTS of sisters....hey, maybe this is them, along with an eccentric aunt and her companion....

Just saying...ok, the muse is telling me playing time is over!
Not sure when she'll let me back out to play!
Be Well!


Anonymous said...

I have a sister and a brother. My sister and I are complete opposites in every way. But, I am glad to have her. Female friends...in truth, the majority of my life, my friends were male! I always had that one female BFF, but I always got along so much better with guys for some reason. I'm someone who hates drama and the women I always knew had a tendency to generate tons of it, lol.

I do love the picture, though. It would be nice to have a really close knit group of girlfriends--minus any drama ;)

Alycia said...

The picture is perfect!

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