Friday, April 22, 2011

Favourite Things, and Writing Ways

This is just an occasional blog post to let readers know me on a bit more personal level. I'm not out and about much on the net, mostly because of my writing and home committments, but also because I'm rather shy. I absolutely loathe talking about myself, and the limelight is certaintly nothing I've ever aspired to. Writing for me is something as necessary as breathing. I MUST get these stories and characters down and out of my head. I write books, not for fame but because I must. I think that is the way with most writers. It's a compulsion, and one that must be heeded, or we become miserable and unfocused. Funny, how hearing strange voices, and seeing strange scenes unfold in our mind keep us author's sane!

Lately, I've thinking about story telling, and writing, and I've realized that authors are not the only group of people that make people feel. To make them think, laugh and cry. A good songwriter can do the very same thing. And in fact, I have always responded to music with good lyrics, and a haunting voice in a much more visceral way than iwhile reading. Certainly, many books have touched me and changed me--shaping me, as it were. But when I compare those to music, I realize that music on the whole has inspired me much more. So many times when I'm reaching deeply inside--me--or a character, I can turn to music to get the physical feel. So many readers have asked how I connect to my characters and bring out their feelings until they bleed onto the page. Well, I think the way I do it is to dig deep. To think of some tragic, painful thing in my past and endure the physical manifestations the memory and emotions invoke. And I write them down. To be a character writer you cannot be afraid of what you might find, or what you might write. The same I think must go for songwriters who are writing a song of love, or pain, or longing. They, too must look deep, and face their life experiences to bring forth the words that they will sing. It's almost more intimate, singing those words, I think, then having others read them. For me, there's the connection of voice, and sound, along with the words. YOu can close your eyes and still hear and feel, but when you close your eyes with your book, you're left with only the remants of feelings the writer's words left with you. And let me tell you, this girl will blow your mind with her songwriting ability. She has certainly blown mine!

For a couple of years now I have been a devoted follower of the Brit phenom Adele. Never have I been so profoundly affected by a songer writer's lyrics, emotion, and voice as I have hers. For just being 21yrs of age, Adele packs a lifetime of pain, longing, love and heartache into her songs. This is the type of songwriter who can make people feel. Make them think, and damn it. make them cry.

To me she feels so real, so raw, and she's one of my most 'favourite things' in the world. Someone Like You is the song I go to when I need to dig deep. When I need to connect with a character who is feeling raw and exposed, one who is aching for the other. One listen (usually) has me crying, and feeling, and after I stop the iPod, I can immerse myself in my world--Victorian England, while still feeling part of her world.

So, without further adieu, have a listen to this song (might want to keep a kleenex handy). Watch her performance, her passion, and remember how young she is. She must be an old soul to be able to convey the power of this song so effectively.
Enjoy! And for everyone who celebrates Easter, Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ssssh....I'm not supposed to be here....

Yeah...bad me. I'm supposed to be writing. You know, the muse standing over me with a whip, flogging me every time my mind wanders...and it's been wandering A LOT today.

My favorite part of writing, is daydreaming about a new project. In a month or two it will be time to put said  'new project idea' into a formal proposal. This new idea of mine is like a bad weed, taking over, sucking out all light and thought, until all I can think of is it!!!

So, to break the spell, I went trolling through the net, persumably under the guise of searching for intimate bedroom attire for the newly married Victorian woman.....I came up with zero, but I found this picture, which of course, got me thinking again about that 'I cannot think of this' project.

Anyhoo, doesn't it look fun and fluffy? I don't have any sisters, and with my hectic schedule of writing and working and trying to be a wife and mother, I admittedly have lost contact with most of my friends. But when I look at this picture, it tugs at my heartstrings. It makes me think of female relationships and how wonderful and cozy they can be. I always wanted a sister....and I know my new heroine has LOTS of sisters....hey, maybe this is them, along with an eccentric aunt and her companion....

Just saying...ok, the muse is telling me playing time is over!
Not sure when she'll let me back out to play!
Be Well!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Award Winner...Who Me?

Ah,! I can't believe it, I won something, and it's involving Sinful, and that baaaad boy Lord Wallingford! See, I knew that somewhere in the world, someone would see and love the dark beauty that is Matthew, the Earl of Wallingford! And if you ever wondered about that gorgeous hunk of man on the cover, well, he's very much in keeping with the hero of the book, right down to that slightly defiant stance!

I'm very proud of all my books, but I'll admit that Addicted and in particular Sinful have a special place in my heart. I don't think I'll ever forget Wallingford, and really, he still owns a piece of my heart!

So, thank you so much to The Romance Reviews, and their readers and followers who voted Sinful as the 2010 Best Erotic Historical Romance! Thank you, gracie, merci beau coup...and if anyone knows of any other languages I could say thank you in, please let me know!!!!

As an aside, Wallingford, and Lindsay from Addicted can be found once more in the novella Seduced By Starlight. It is the love story involving their children. This anthology releases at the end of May, and I'll be having lots of promo stuff running for it! Be sure to check back in the coming weeks!
So, I'm rejuventated and revitalized, knowing that something is going right with my writing!!! Back to Sussex, aka The Duke of Delicousness.... :)

Be's Tuesday, and there's only three more sleeps till the weekend! (I never count Friday night in there, because that's the  beginning of the w/e, it's also beer and burgers and homemade mac and cheese night at Castle Featherstone!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Muse and Man Candy Monday!

Well remember how I was bitching on Friday about how I had NO paranormal muse on my side? Well, hell, she found me. And it was soooo weird how she did, through chocolate and music!

So, Saturday night I was driving to work, miserable that I was working 12hr nights when I remembered that McDonalds was carrying for a limited time, my all time fav treat--Creme Egg McFlurry! OMG, if you haven't had one of these before you have go to try them. Like now! Sooooo good! And a total Weight Watchers point buster, but heck, they only come around every year at Easter, and for the last two years at least they haven't carried them, so I needed my fix!
So, I pull out of the drive thru and turn up the tunes. About ten seconds later, Katy Perry's song ET comes on, and boy do I love that song. So, I'm at a red light, sipping away at my McFlurry, and listening to the song when an image of my bad boy angel Suriel comes into sharp focus.

Suddenly, I'm this woman who is totally smitten with him, and his mystical, not to mention bad boy ways. Black leathers, long swirling coat, army boots....oh, I could see him soooo well, and the lyrics to the song work sooo damn well, too. And the woman who I'm thinking of is coming in picture pefect clear in my mind. Which is always a bonus for me because I find the men so much easier to write.

Here's how I've always imagined Suriel (sans wings), he has the perfect F-you look that Suriel loves to sneer.
...sigh...I think he's so beautiful, and he has the perfect balance of what could be construed as angelic beauty, and fallen darkness.....

Well, after that, I was jotting down images and scenes for the latest Annwyn Book--Velvet Moon. It's not Suriel's book, but those few moments in the care helped me to flesh out some of the plot points. Not to ention this artwork by Barbara totally injected some much needed imagination for a VERY important plot point in the subplot of The Destroyer....just saying. And yeah, that's a breadcrumb! lol!

And that my friends is how the writer's muse comes a calling! Strange what sort of randomness can inspire a writer's imagination and creative muse. And man, am I relieved. I really needed to throw myself into this book! So, to celebrate with me, here is Katy's song, programmed to a little man candy, and one of my fav hotties, Richard Armitage!

And strangely enough, the historical muse is still with me, and she's working in weird ways, too! This weekend, I have been inspired by two songs from my very early teen years. And because I promised Barbara I'd leave a few little breadcrumbs about the Duke of Sussex,here we go. So, have a listen to Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner, and Dreamweaver by Gary Wright. Strangely, I always think of Sussex, and how some of these lyrics are what he thinks/feels about Lucy! (and OMG, can you believe I used to on Friday nights to the Roller Rama and roller skate to songs like this, and Journey, and Billy Squire....ack! lol!)

Hope this kicks off your week to a good start!
Be Well!

Friday, April 08, 2011

This Is Me.....

Aren't I a sight! LOL! Seriously, I don't quite look that manic --yet, at least not on the outside, but on the inside.....yes, I'm in a hole heap of stress!

Two books to write, and a little over two weeks to get it done. Should be okay, right? Trouble is, the historical is totally taking over. I mean, the Duke of Sussex just won't leave me alone, he's always nattering in my head, and he's telling me some good stuff. Some good SEXY stuff. BUT, the duke should be quiet now, because I really have to get the the paranormal under the Sophie Renwick umbrella done. I mean, I've got Selkie's and Nymphs and Shadow Wraiths and a bad boy, pain in the arse Fallen Angel to write--and write them fast--and well! But no....Sussex, who would never say anything when I first sat down to write his book now suddenly can't shut the-you-know-what-up!

Sigh...this is the muse talking. And a writer knows that when the muse visits, you invite her in, and give her whatever she wants-ANTHING she wants, just as long as she'll stay with you and give you the words and inspiration you need. Trouble is, this isn't what I need. This is the historical muse visiting, and I need the paranormal one. Anyone seen one?

I swear, I will be certifiable before May rolls around! By the time Sunday afternoon comes by, I WILL look like this!

TGIF....what's everyone doing? Anyone reading anything good? Or planning on starting a book this weekend?

Be Well
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