Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Award Winner...Who Me?

Ah, yeah....wow! I can't believe it, I won something, and it's involving Sinful, and that baaaad boy Lord Wallingford! See, I knew that somewhere in the world, someone would see and love the dark beauty that is Matthew, the Earl of Wallingford! And if you ever wondered about that gorgeous hunk of man on the cover, well, he's very much in keeping with the hero of the book, right down to that slightly defiant stance!

I'm very proud of all my books, but I'll admit that Addicted and in particular Sinful have a special place in my heart. I don't think I'll ever forget Wallingford, and really, he still owns a piece of my heart!

So, thank you so much to The Romance Reviews, and their readers and followers who voted Sinful as the 2010 Best Erotic Historical Romance! Thank you, gracie, merci beau coup...and if anyone knows of any other languages I could say thank you in, please let me know!!!!

As an aside, Wallingford, and Lindsay from Addicted can be found once more in the novella Seduced By Starlight. It is the love story involving their children. This anthology releases at the end of May, and I'll be having lots of promo stuff running for it! Be sure to check back in the coming weeks!
So, I'm rejuventated and revitalized, knowing that something is going right with my writing!!! Back to Sussex, aka The Duke of Delicousness.... :)

Be well....it's Tuesday, and there's only three more sleeps till the weekend! (I never count Friday night in there, because that's the  beginning of the w/e, it's also beer and burgers and homemade mac and cheese night at Castle Featherstone!)


Alycia said...

Congratulations Charlotte you deserved it! I cannot wait for the novella either :)

VampFanGirl said...

CONGRATS Charlotte!!! A well deserved award you got there!

Ooooo my, the Duke of Deliciousness??? I think I want one for my own. ;)

And I'm so coming to Castle Featherstone for dinner. Yummmm!!!

Laura T said...

Congratulations, Charlotte!

SINFUL was already on my Wish List and sure sounds like it will be well worth the wait.

And, lucky me: I won a copy of LUST last month and simply cannot WAIT for it to arrive!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi Aly, thanks for stopping by! Hope you're feeling better~

VFG, c'mon up and over whenever you want! I have about 10 different mac and cheese recipes that I like to rotate through. I'm the queen of mac and cheese!

Laura! We're playing email tag. Thanks for leaving your email addy again. I need your snail mail addy!!!! you can email me at charlotte@charlottefeatherstone.net with it

Dalila G. said...

Way to go Charlotte, big congrats on winning!!

I do love your ~'gorgeous hunk of man on the cover'~ LOL! He's just wonderful for SINFUL! He really does fit Wallingford.

I'm a big lover of mac & cheese, it's a comfort food for me, also a great snack food....hmmm...really a great anytime food! The cheesier the better.

Also, LOVED the Monday Man Candy video, made my day, a big thanks!!

Rane Aria said...

Congrats Charlotte!! *HUGS*

Cheryl said...

Congratulations, Charlotte!! And Wallingford!!!

PS- my sister just finished reading Sinful and LOVED it! Although, how could she not? ;)

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Thanks guys! Your'e the best!

Cheryl, glad your sister like Sinful! sigh...I'm still in love with him. I can't wait for readers to see what kind of father he turned into in The Wedding of the Century

Anonymous said...

OMG, how the freak did I miss this post?!?! YAY!!!!! GO WALLINGFORD!!! *Happy Dance*

Ugh, Mac n Cheese...I could eat the whole dish. I love it. I have yet to make it myself. I need to grab the recipe off of FoodNetwork.

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