Monday, April 11, 2011

Muse and Man Candy Monday!

Well remember how I was bitching on Friday about how I had NO paranormal muse on my side? Well, hell, she found me. And it was soooo weird how she did, through chocolate and music!

So, Saturday night I was driving to work, miserable that I was working 12hr nights when I remembered that McDonalds was carrying for a limited time, my all time fav treat--Creme Egg McFlurry! OMG, if you haven't had one of these before you have go to try them. Like now! Sooooo good! And a total Weight Watchers point buster, but heck, they only come around every year at Easter, and for the last two years at least they haven't carried them, so I needed my fix!
So, I pull out of the drive thru and turn up the tunes. About ten seconds later, Katy Perry's song ET comes on, and boy do I love that song. So, I'm at a red light, sipping away at my McFlurry, and listening to the song when an image of my bad boy angel Suriel comes into sharp focus.

Suddenly, I'm this woman who is totally smitten with him, and his mystical, not to mention bad boy ways. Black leathers, long swirling coat, army boots....oh, I could see him soooo well, and the lyrics to the song work sooo damn well, too. And the woman who I'm thinking of is coming in picture pefect clear in my mind. Which is always a bonus for me because I find the men so much easier to write.

Here's how I've always imagined Suriel (sans wings), he has the perfect F-you look that Suriel loves to sneer.
...sigh...I think he's so beautiful, and he has the perfect balance of what could be construed as angelic beauty, and fallen darkness.....

Well, after that, I was jotting down images and scenes for the latest Annwyn Book--Velvet Moon. It's not Suriel's book, but those few moments in the care helped me to flesh out some of the plot points. Not to ention this artwork by Barbara totally injected some much needed imagination for a VERY important plot point in the subplot of The Destroyer....just saying. And yeah, that's a breadcrumb! lol!

And that my friends is how the writer's muse comes a calling! Strange what sort of randomness can inspire a writer's imagination and creative muse. And man, am I relieved. I really needed to throw myself into this book! So, to celebrate with me, here is Katy's song, programmed to a little man candy, and one of my fav hotties, Richard Armitage!

And strangely enough, the historical muse is still with me, and she's working in weird ways, too! This weekend, I have been inspired by two songs from my very early teen years. And because I promised Barbara I'd leave a few little breadcrumbs about the Duke of Sussex,here we go. So, have a listen to Waiting for a Girl Like You by Foreigner, and Dreamweaver by Gary Wright. Strangely, I always think of Sussex, and how some of these lyrics are what he thinks/feels about Lucy! (and OMG, can you believe I used to on Friday nights to the Roller Rama and roller skate to songs like this, and Journey, and Billy Squire....ack! lol!)

Hope this kicks off your week to a good start!
Be Well!


Anonymous said...

Oh MAN! I haven't seen the Cadbury Creme McFlurry! I just had an Oreo the other day. WTH? I don't even recall seeing any advertisement for it. I'll have to drive by and see if anything is up.

Oh and Suriel...sigh...I'm planning on reading Mists of Velvet this week. I was in a bit of a reading slump which I'm totally out of now :D

I love how your muse works. Music really inspires me, too. And Katy Perry totally rocks!

Cheryl said...

Charlotte, I believe you are going to have to package up a Cadburry egg McFlurry and mail it to me! I've never even heard of one! But I know that Cadburry eggs are one of my favorite seasonal treats! Enjoy one for me, ok?

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Oh my! Is the Creme Egg McFlurry just in Canadian McDonalds? You poor souls! Honestly, they're just fantastic!!! YUM! We don't have the Oreo ones here, though!

Thanks Barbara....I think you'll love Suriel, you and me and fallen angels.... lol!

Cheryl, thanks for coming by and giving me another reason for having another McFlurry! You know I am to please my readers!!!!

Cheryl said...

No problem! Sounds soooo good!

VampFanGirl said...

I love that Katy Perry song too!!! I caught a glimpse of the video which is pretty out there to say the least. But besides that, the song is just awesome to blare on the stereo. I love it! How cool that it inspired you and Suriel. I'm dying for his book, btw.

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