Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Haze

That's what I'm in! And man does it feel good! This is the first summer in nearly five years that isn't totally choked full of writing and deadlines, and it feels great!

I've been away from the blog for weeks now, and I apologize, but I had quite a few things to get off my plate, because I knew I needed to have this summer be calm and pleasant and serene. I really need to rejuvenate the creative muse. So now, I only have 2500 words to write four days a week for the next seven weeks in order to complete the third Brethren Guardian book--Temptation and Twilight! That might sound like a lot, but for me, it's Heaven! I've actually been able to do a bit of promo for Seduction and Scandal, as well as really take my time on edits for Pride and Passion (which I loved how it turned out) as well as taking my time to write some really hot and emotional love scenes for Temptation and Twilight. Beyond writing, I've got my summer reading list all ready and I cannot wait to dive in and indulge. Reading for pleasure has been non existent for me this year and I had hundreds of books to choose from, but the books I'm going to share with you made it to my top!

In the next few weeks  I'll be doing give aways for Seduction and Scandal (and yeah, the Canada Post strike is over so I can actually mail out stuff) as well as posting a brand new scene for Wallingford and Jane. Readers voted, and they wanted to see more of that couple. So, once it's done, I'll post it for a little extra summer treat.

Along wtih reading for pleasure, I'll be doing some reserach reading--I can't say on what, because that would ruin the surprise, but suffice it to say that I have new historical proposal for HQN in the works. I'm REALLY in love with it, and all the characters, and I hope readers--and my editors, will be, too!

Hope you are all enjoying summer, and that you'll come back often to win a book, or read a new excerpt for Pride and Passion--and maybe a little glimpse of Temptation and Twilight, or just to see Jane and Wallingford again!

So, without further adieu, here is my summer list. I've been especially dying for Jennifer Ashley's and Mary Balogh's books! And aren't the covers stunning! Just beautiful.

Jennifer Ashley's writing just speaks to me. I love her writing, her dialogue and her sensual love scenes. She totally won me over with the Mackenzie clan, and I've been salivating for every book! I wish her the best, but man, I wish she could write this series faster!

Mary Balogh is an absolute fav of mine! I love her historical details, her inner monologue and rambling thoughts while in the character's head. I love the way she writes angst and emotions, and I have been DYING for this story since I first read More Than A Mistress! 
I'm new to Meredith's books. I've only read one of her books, Duke of Shadows and loved it. This cover is just so stunning and the back cover copy so compelling, how can I resist reading it? I like to try new to me authors, and I really think that Meredith's books will be the kind that I like to read. Anyone have a favorite of hers?
I'm new to Lorraine, as well, but I have read the two books in this series that lead up to this one. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward this, especially after Barbara reviewed it. We have the same reading tastes, and I know how excited she was about this read, so it only fueled my need to read even more! I love angst and deep emotion in my reads, and I know this will fit the bill! I will be reading this one first!
So, what are you reading? Any good recommendations for me when I'm done these?
Be Well!
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