Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Sinful Valentine From Matthew, Lord Wallingford, to Jane...his Beloved.

Ha! That got your attention! Eons ago I posted a question to readers, who would you like to read a short story about, Lindsay, from Addicted, or Matthew, Lord Wallingford from Sinful. Readers voted, and with an overwhelming margin they voted for more of that bady boy Wallingford! So, as promised, I do have something for readers. It took a bit, but I hope its worth the wait. So, where the heck is it you ask? Patience.....the story is a steamy Valentine's Day short that all begins with a very naughty letter and painting that Matthew has sent to his lady love. So, it would not be appropriate to release it until....well, just a bit closer to Valentine's Day. I just completed it last night, and was anxious to share the news that Matthew will be back in full seduction, bad boy mode!

So, how does one get ahold of this....well, just sign up for my newsletter. Please don't groan. Really, it's not bad or painful at all. I don't send out alot of newsletters. I am doing them quarterly this year, alongside two extra special ones. So six in all. I won't flood your inbox. I promise. I also won't sell anyone's name or private info.

Putting up a short story, because you guys would totally be killing me if there was no sex in it) makes more sense in a newsletter. It's private for one thing. Second, it allows me to make certain that little eyes aren't reading it, and third, it helps me to keep my readers informed of new releases, and it gives me something to tell my publisher--'yes, I do have readers, and yes, they do sign up for my newsletter'! Publishers like to know this sort of thing.

I have a couple of extra shorts planned for readers this year. Lindsay fans, do not despair! I have
 a fabulous autumnal story with Lindsay and Anais, and also, a nice short with the boys from the Brethren Guardian trilogy, along with a secondary character from Temptation and Twilight, that I fell in love with! And, I am thinking of a little Fey loving, too. My Sins and Virtues series has been pushed back by the publisher, and I am anxious to write a bit for them. So, maybe I will do a short, something to tempt and tease you with! So, there will be lots of juicy little things to tempt you in my newsletter. Plus, in my newsletters, I am planning on excerpts from upcoming books (sexy ones, because everyone wants the smexing) that will be found no other place than in my newsletter, as well as offers of early arcs to newsletter subscribers!!!

So, won't you be Lord Wallingford's Valentine and sign up? You can do so here

Thank you for supporting me.I truly have the best readers!
Be Well!


CoreyJo said...

Oh you definitely snatched my attention with that opening line! Signed up for the newsletter and can't wait for the story!!


Heidi said...

Yay! I can't wait!

amyt865 said...

More of my Lindsay??? *flies to sign on the dotted line*

Barbara said...

Oooh, can't wait to read it :)

Punya said...

OMG, Matthew? HELL YAAAAH! :D Would love those short stories and teasers. *doing a little happy dance* lol

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I seem to be having difficulty acquiring a copy this "Sinful Valentine," though I have subscribed to the newsletter. Various friendly persons on the internet directed my to this link:

But it appears to be dead.

I would be ever so much obliged were it possible for you to share a new, or simply unknown to me avenue in my pursuit of the aforementioned Valentine.



jaydb said...


I have the same problem too.. :( I'm so happy Sinful Epilogue was available right after I signed up for the newsletter... However I have no idea how to get A Very Sinful Valentine. Now I'm worried that I won't get the rest of the novellas/free stuff in the future.

Please please, I so want to get a copy of A Very Sinful Valentine..!

Magdika said...

I just subscribed to the newsletter, I hope to get the Sinful Valentine via e-mail. Soon.

Monica Anne Shaar said...

I would like to sign up for the newsletter but every time I try to the link that is given here, it sends me to an error page. If there is another link where I could sign up, I would really appreciate it being shared with me. Thanks for your time.

-Monica Shaar

dlb1031 said...

None of the links work and I can't find a website for Charlotte featherstone. Does anyone know a better link? Please post if you do.

Jeanette Juan said...

I really want to subscribe to the newsletter to hopefully get the short story but the link doesn't work, help please!

Unknown said...

I signed up to "follow" is blog but I'm not sure if that is the same thing as signing up for the newsletter. I hope so, please advise if it is a different link, the link in Ms Featherstones post leads to a godaddy generic type of page, no where does it show how to sign up

justine said...

I would like to read the sinful: epilogue and a very sinful valentine. Please help me read it, I really like the books of Ms Featherstone. The links are broken (maybe beacuse it has been agaes since it was published)

Unknown said...

Did Charlotte pass on? I'm not trying to be maudlin, but I can't find her recent works, I can't sign up for the newsletter, the links to the .pdf for the epilogues don't work and her social media last had activity on 2012 or so. Her website has been taken over by some herbal supplement thing, does ANYONE know what is going on with her? Her "Coming Soon" is from years ago, never came out. I hope she's ok, she was a good writer from the bit I read, it would be a waste if something happened to her.

Does anyone had recent links to sign up for her newsletter and valid .pdf for epilogue and valentine's stories? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Charlotte? Is she not writing anymore?

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