Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oblio E Passione~Addicted in Italian

Well, I got a little a surprise in the mailbox today. Three copies of Addicted, translated into the language of love~Italian! And it got a new cover, too! I like it. Very different from the original cover, but the smoke is there, I see. My only concern is that this book is MUCH thinner than the original Addicted, so I'm kind of angsting as whether or not the entire story is here. Not sure. I assume so. But who knows! I've had fun skimming it, picking out a few words here and there that I know in Italian. I'm able to decipher scenes and where I'm at in the book.

I love the opening. The opening lines of Addicted are: Slave. Minion. Fiend. In this one it's Schiavo. Servo. Demonio. LOVE it!!!

And for you Wallingford fans, there's this: Wallingford...modo perverso...yep, sounds like him! :)

Now I'm wondering what our Italian counterparts think of Lindsay and Wallingford?

So, what do think of the cover? Which one do you like best?


VampFanGirl said...


Congrats on your Italian release of 'Addicted'!!

You should talk to Barbara about checking to see if the whole book is there. Her husband speaks and reads fluent Italian.

I'm really digging the cover. The smoke in the background kinda haunts the cover. Plus, I'm lovin' the woman's mask. Very pretty.

(((hugs))) VFG

Cecile said...

Oh Charlotte, Congrats on the release over the great pond!!! ***YAYAYAYAY for you***
I do have to say that I am partial to our version cover. But I do love the masked lady... that also conveys the story line as well.
Congrats again my dear!

Anonymous said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!!! OMG, I have to get all my hubby's family to buy it. Well, I could try, but I doubt his 70 year old uncle's would read it, lol!!!


adrienne said...

Congratulations Charlotte! the Italians will love it! I love the cover which is very pretty altho not as sensuous as the UK/US cover which I adore.

Amalia said...

Hi Charlotte, I'm Amalia, an *addicted* italian fan of yours (pun intended... haha). I was dumbstruck reading "Beneath the Mistletoe" (from "Holly, Ivy and Me" anthology) and devoured all your books in a little less than 1 week! Simply put, I adore your writing style and the depth you put into your stories. I could read every word and be drawn in for more! And your male characters are to-die-for, the stuff dreams are made of (I have a penchant for books where the hero is obsessed with the heroine...I can't help it Haha). As for the italian version of "Addicted" (which I loved, LOVED, LOVED! by the way), your suspicion is justified. I'm wondering myself if the entire story is here. I know for a fact that in the past the steamier scenes were usually "cut short" (thus making the italian versions much *tamer* than the original ones), but now, who knows? I only hope they didn't damage your gorgeous story too much, and the italian readers can appreciate it in all its glory. As for myself, I can't wait to get my hands on "Sinful" *sparkling eyes*. Lord Wallingford...ah yes, he is something else *sighs* Big kisses and hugs from your italian fan ( currently living in Tokyo, Japan)

The italian cover is good but, the original one is beyond comparison! I could stare at it for hours *__*

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