Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Creativity Breeds Creativity

So, I'm plotting. Sophie has ideas, and naturally, Charlotte is following suit. It's very strange to be a writer with two different personas. I consider myself a storyteller really, and currently, my muse is showing me a couple of different scenarios for both personalities.

I've verbally pitched an idea to my editor at Spice who was immediately intrigued and wants the proposal ASAP. No pressure there! So, I've currently been walking around the house with my iPod on while brainstorming ideas. I've come up with a solid basis for an erotic fanstasy historical series. I won't give any details yet owing to karma and all that stuff. While I would hope Spice would snap it up, it's not a given in this ecoconmy. I'm in a believer in karma!

However, I'm bursting at the seams to share something of it. My husband might choke me if I begin to prattle on yet again about the idea. He's listened to it for days now, trying to be supportive, but he's just not a book reader. Nor is gushing at my brilliance (said tongue in cheek) he only usually wants to know what is for supper, and when will it be ready! :)

So, I'll come to you and share my inspirations for this series. First, the series is inspired by a fairy tale my Gran used to tell me. It's actually an ancient Scottish folk song about a mortal man named Tam Lin who fell off his horse and was abducted by the Faery Queen. I loved that story and like I said, I've been inspired by elements of it for this series.

Next, is Byron's poem, She Walks in Beauty. I adore Byron and I have used this poem in Mistress of The Night. However, it's this version, done in a beautiful voice from the movie Vanity Fair that has inspired certain scenes.

And lastly, I wrote a poem that sums up the hero perfectly. I'm not good at poetry, and I haven't the foggiest why I even attempted it, but there it is....I'll share it with the world and you can see what you think...

I am the fog, mist and rain, the shadows that creep across your window pane.
I am darkness and disease, the entity whom no one cares to see.
I am hate, fear, rage, all humans pray to keep me at bay.

I am sorrow and loneliness. Emptiness and despair.
I am, and will be your last breath of air.
In the end it is you and me, and our walk of darkness where I will set you free.

Side by side we will go, we’ll touch hands, mine will be cold.
You will look at me, and plead, “Please Lord Death, don’t take me.” And I will reply, as I always do, “nothing can sway me, pray do not try, for I have seen millions cry. Their tears, while soft, cannot break through this iron heart.”

I am Lord Death, bound by command, to steal life from those souls who have reached their end. I am Lord Death, a shadow of fear, a man say some, a demon cry most.
I am Lord Death, and I will attest, I am cold and emotionless, and most certainly heartless.
I am Lord Death, and this I will say, one day you and I shall walk the path of darkness

The Pictures are of Highgate Cemetery (London) which some of you may recall that I used in my Spice Brief, Improper Pleasures. I adore the staturary in this place, and while I'm not likely going to use it again, I find it it very inspiring and atmospheric. The Muse...I always love when she visits!

Be Well!!!

And for those of you still hungering for Wallingford, I've heard 'officially' from my editor who had this to say upon completetion of reading it. "It's everything I imagined and more!"

yeah!!! Oh, will May not come sooner!!


VampFanGirl said...

Charlotte, girl, you have me panting. It's hard to make death beautiful but you have done that in your poem. Very cool.

Gawd, and those pics! I can definitely see how they inspire the muse for they inspire the soul. I love the first one where the leaves and vines are taking over the angel.

Congrats on your news about Wallingford and May is taking freakin' forever!!!!

(((hugs))) VFG

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I'm totally loving Death! lol!
The pictures are hauting and soul stirring aren't they?

I've started the opening chapter, just can't decided on a title....

Cecile said...

Charlotte... You have to be kidding me... Not a poet... Yea, okay... I fell in love with that poem! It was amazing. Those pictures... I soooo want to be wherever those pictures are taken... absolutely breaktaking!!!!! Inspiriation for the soul, definitely!!

And... I.... am.... dying... for... Wallingford!!!! =) He is sooooo worth the wait.... Just like Lindsay!
I hope you had a great day and have a wonderful tomorrow!

booklover1335 said...

share with us all that you like :)

loved the poem and your other inspirations for your muse. I would be excited about this too if I were your editor!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, you amaze me. Your muse is really something else. What a beautifully written poem!! And those pics...One day I'll make it to England.

You have to tell us your Gran's full story one of these days. I'd love to hear it.

You know, I LOVED 'Mistress of the Night'. It was the first full length novel of yours that I read, and I absolutely loved your tortured hero. VFG has GOT to read that story.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the music from that video was beautiful...

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Cecile, I SWEAR I've never had an ear or talent for poetry. Although my great aunt was published poetess. Mabye it lies some where hidden! lol! and those pics by the way are from Highgate Cemetery in London, England. Just SO gorgeous and inspiring. If you go in for that sort of thing. I have a strange muse, and she leads me down some wacky paths, but I'm following this one!

Booklover, thanks for stopping by! My editor was intrigued for this book and the series that crops out of it. I just hope that her enthusiasm will still be running high once she reads the proposal!

Barbara, hey you! My muse....I know,she's strange. lol! I swear I will tell my Gran's story as soon as I hear about the sale of this series (keeping everything crossed in a positive thinking vibe)I'll also come clean with what the series is about. And that song....isn't it gorgeous. I downloaded it on my iPod.

Cecile said...

Charlotte, your poem was awesome. I really loved it. I use to write in high school and when the mood struck, but it has been a while!

Your poetry lies within the blood line! Hidden within...

Those pictures are of some very soul searching places. The are very gorgeous and inspiring. No matter which way you look at them. Dark/light/wicked/angelic/sufferage... whatever way!
Well... your muse is a wicked girl!!!
Have a great night!

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