Thursday, March 26, 2009

So Sinful...

Well, I'm so happy to announced that two days ago I completed the first draft of Sinful (Spice May 2010) This is Lord Wallingford's book, and let me tell you, he lived up to his name. He was totally, unremorsefully SINFUL! He took me on a wild ride, and let me glimpse some really vulnerable aspects of his nature. He had one or two surprises in store for me. I love that when characters do that, give you something totally new and surprising to work with. His heroine, Jane was great fun to write. I readily identified with her, and I love how she made him work for her. I also love how she was able to see beyond his aloof and cold facade.

So, I've gotten lots of reader email about Addicted (Thanks!) and many of you are asking about Wallingford. What does he look like, tell us about him. Well, I went on the prowl, so to speak, searching for him. I couldn't find him, at least not in one whole 'package'. The pic above is about as close to Wallingford as I could find. He has the dark hair and the aristocratic nose. He's built. Where Lindsay was muscular and lean, Wallingford his thick, bulky. He's big, and I like that dichotomy because Wallingford has an artist's soul. He paints and sculpts. It's where his heart and dreams lay, and some of my favorite scenes where of him working with his big hands holding a brush! I think what this guy has is the look. That inpenetrable gaze that says 'stay the F$%*k away'. That's Wallingford. But if you look closer, there's a sensuality there. A yearning for more.

So, this is Wallingford now. At least for creative inspiration. Hope you guys like him!
In other Sinful news, Spice is talking about Sinful's cover this month. I have NO idea how they will outdo Addicted's cover, but I'm dying to see what they come up with.

Have a good weekend!


VampFanGirl said...

Damn, that guy is so yummy! His eyes just confey the "F*ck off" attitude to perfection, Charlotte. Great example and thank you for looking for one to appease our insatiable appetite for all things Wallingford. :)

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I love this picture, too! And the love word insatiable! So perfect for our less than perfect Wallingford!

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

YAY! It works!! OMG, that guy is smokin' HOT! You're killing me, Charlotte with the anticipation for Wallingford's story!

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