Monday, August 08, 2011

Just a girl in the world! Please Read

Yep, that's me. Just an ordinary girl, working for a living, helping to support my family (and yeah, as much as he hates to admit it, I do make waaaay more money that Mr. Charlotte) I'm educated, I'm a labour and delivery room nurse, supporting women through the most wonderful time of their lives--and sometimes the most tragic moments of their lives. I'm a writer, writing whatever I want, embracing love and romance, and the beauty of sexual relationships. I'm a wife--whose husband treats me like an equal, a mother of a daughter, who was was raised for the first five years of her life by a devoted father because she was too ill to go to daycare, and because I made 2/3 more than what my husband made. I'm a daughter, raised by two parents who made me think for myself, who taught me life lessons, and inner strength and conviction, who did not raise me any different from my two brothers. I'm Canadian, born into a country where rights are for both sexes, all colours, all religions. And thank God for that, because if I had not been, my world, and my life might have been drastically different.

It's amazing,and heartbreaking to me that girls in developing countries, and third world countries are still treated without dignity and basic human rights. There are millions of women and girls out there who could make a difference in their family, their village, their city, and their country if they were only allowed to contribute but cannot because they were born female.

It burns my rear end whenever I think of it. I look at my daughter and see a future, a bright future with lots of chances to follow hopes and dreams, and then I think of the female babies being born today around the world and know that they will not have the same chances.

We can do something about this, and I'm going to! In the coming months I'll be announcing the release of Pride and Passion, and also Temptation and Twilight. Those books contain two very strong, independent women, struggling with their sex, and the ideals of men in Victorian England. They overcome and they come out winning! What better way to showcase the empowerment of women, but with Lucy Ashton and Elizabeth York. And what better way to benefit Because I Am A Girl than by sharing proceeds of my royalites with this fabulous group!

More to come on what I will be doing, and more on tCanada's plan, Because I am a Girl to come. But just so you know what I'm talking about, have a quick peek at their introduction video. Or visit, to see what they're about.

I really want to make a difference, and give women and children the freedom and gifts that we in developed countries enjoy, but more than that, have come to expect! I will hope you will join me in the coming months, because after all, we are all just girls!


Booklover1335 said...

I think this is such a generous and great idea. I'd love to be a part in any way that I can to help spread the word to get as many people to buy the books as possible. Not only will they get a GREAT read, but also support a great cause.

You Rock!

Alycia said...

That is very generous and inspiring of you!!! I think it is a wonderful way to help other girls. Miss you in the parlor!

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