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Promo~The Wedding of the Century

Happy Monday, I hope all the Mother's out there hada lovely day yesterday, and whether you're the mother of a child, or a special little fur baby, I'd like to extend my wishes (although belatedly) for a happy Mother's Day.

Which, incidently, brings me to today's post. Mothers. So many people have written to me requesting more from the 'Addicted world'. And I thank them for it I was surprised, and honored that they asked. So, when my editor presented me with the opportunity to be included in an anthology that included Mary Jo Putney I was thrilled, yet flummoxed. What would I write about? At about the time I was asked to write the novella, Sinful was just released, and the epilogue I had written to complete the book was floating around the internet. In it, Jane and Wallingford are married, and Jane is carrying his baby. The epilogue was a warm, feel good piece, which was what the publisher wanted for the novella. So, immediately, I began to think. And think. I re-read the epilogue again, and it was then that it hit me. Jase. The little scoundrel who thought girls were yucky would be the perfect hero!

Jase is Lindsay and Anais son (Addicted) and I began to muse about the idea of bringing him together with Jane and Wallingford's daughter Blossom. When I approached my editor with the idea, I was afraid of the reeption. I was already working on the Sins and the Virtues, and the world of Addicted and Sinful seemed far away. But she loved it. And the rest, is the cliched, history.

While writing it, I had to think of Jane and Wallingford, and Lindsay and Anais, not the way they were in their books, but twenty-five years down the road, when they've matured into fifty somethings. I also had to think on what sort of mothers they were to their children. It was surprisingly easy to imagine both Jane and Anais as mothers--but they both have very different mothering styles.

Anais is a very maternal, affectionate woman. Her mothering style is warm, close to smothering, but not cloying. She has the gift of caring deeply, of comforting with embraces and the sharing of secrets. She is the type of mother who would have cried at the door while you tottered off to school. The one most likely to welcome you home from school with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. In essence, she's the Norman Rockwell mother.

Jane on the other hand is a far different woman. Caring and loving, most certainly, openly affectionate, absolutely. But her style of mothering is far ahead of the average Victorian female. Jane could be considered today's woman. Teaching her daughter to rely on herself, to forge her way in the world so as not to have to rely on a man--a very radical way of thinking in the Victorian era. Janeecourages Blossom to find herself, to be what, and who she is. Despite being a duchess now, Jane is still that down to earth working girl who had
towork and scrape for everything she had.

I like the prevailing differences between Anais and Jane because their ideas and personality have shaped their children. And it was a real delight to see them both interact with their children.

I hope readers will enjoy the novella, and the glimpses of Jane and Anais as they strive to bring their children together, in an union of love of which both have been so blessed to experience.

So, to celebrate the release of The Wedding of the Century, I will be giving away a copy of the book, each week until the beginning of June. Nothing to terribly difficult, just leave a comment thorought the week, and I'll randomly pick a name out of a hat.Winners will be announced on Fridays.

Stay tuned, though, more to come on Lindsay, and that naughty Wallingford as well as Blossom and Jase, and a little surprise for readers about Sarah, and finding her own true love.....

Be Well!


Alycia said...

I can't wait to read about Jase and Blossom. And I love the fact that you gave us a glimpse into Anais and Jane's mothering style. Its fits both of their personalities well.

Laura T said...

Wow, June is just right around the corner and I just cannot wait for this one to come out!

I love the thoughtfulness that you put into your story lines. It makes for more enjoyable reading.

joeyjhg2 said...

Awesome! I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Dalila G. said...

Wow, an anthology with Mary Jo Putney, what fun!
I think Jase and Blossom will be a great story, can't wait to read it. I really enjoyed the 'parent's' stories, so why not the childerns. :-D
Have a wonderful evening!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for posting!
I do hope readers love Jase and Blossom. I know I do, and I REALLY loved revisiting Lindsay and Anais, and Wallingford and Jane!

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