Friday, March 18, 2011

This and That

Well, it's Friday, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the weekend is upon us. For me, I'm still nose down, fingers flying over the keyboard. Pride and Passion is coming along. So is spring. Right now I am sitting in my study, with the window slighly open! The birds are singing, and the promise of a sixty degree day is whispering in the air. (of course, the weather forecastors are calling for snow on Sunday, but I'm choosing to live in ignornant bliss).

For me, spring is all about renewal and rebirth. Shedding the old and tired, and making a fresh start. I often make little resolutions in the spring. You know the ones, stop and smell the flowers. Take a few minutes to enjoy the fresh air and the solitude, feel the cool grass beneath my feet. And with this sense of new beginnings, it's no surprise that the spring is the time of year that new proposals and book ideas seems to pop into my head. I've been thinking of this new proposal quite a bit lately (although I should be completely lost in Pride and Passion)I cannot help but allow my mind to wander to Yorkshire, and the dynamic family that has so captured my imagination.

As I do every year, I stop at the local nursery and pick up two potted Hyacinths. I love the smells, and I bring one into my study to enjoy. Today I'm heading out to buy one. I think it's the perfect day for it, and it's my own small, personal indulgence.

I'll be going to my favorite local nursery, I love their selection, but what I love most is the the huge thick limbed Wisteria they have! It's just gorgeous, and the blooms hang in big bunches, just like grapes. It won't be blooming yet, but there will be signs of life, and it'll make me think that spring isn't too far off!
When I return with my plants, I will then start on my next two spring rituals, they are another form of comfort--buttermilk dill biscuits, and lemon squares. To me dill says fresh and spring. I always associate it with Easter because my mum always made these biscuits. However, my mum never cooks with a recipes-it's always a bit of this, and a bit of that-so I found a recipe that tastes almost as good as mum's. Ad the lemon squares taste fresh, and lemony, and for me, nothing says springs more than lemon. Once I get my squares and biscuits made, I'll post the recipes here in the extra section for you to enjoy, if you've got that mad spring
fever like I have.
And while we're talking fever, heree are two things that have inspred me today for my new series...

I see this quaint little walk on the outskirts of my fictional village. What a lovely stroll it would be for a duchess when she goes out to call on villageers, and hand out her gift baskets? What do you think?

This charming cottage, with the bunches of wisteria. I KNOW I will have to find a use for it!
It would be quite heady to be kissed beneath the wisteria, wouldn't it?

And this quote, by William Shakespeare. I love it, the imagery, and the sensuality of it..

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. ~William Shakespeare

I think it sounds like the perfect quote for love in the spring.

So, what's your spring indulgence?
Be Well!


VampFanGirl said...

The photos are stunning. I think if I was there, I wouldn't be able to stop twirling 'round and around to take in all the beauty.

I love hyacinths. I have one blooming on my porch. It was from last year and the bulbs have re-sprouted again. And the smell. So intense and so lovely.

Have a great weekend!

Rane Aria said...

I adore wisteria! I have still a baby wisteria that had to be cut back due to the recent cold fronts that hit, but it's just an wonderful flower as it dances on the breazze.
But my true spring indulgence is mini roses, roses that are the size of a coin and smell like soft scented roses, I'm trying to get one of each color, and because I keep them in my green house in the winter and take them out in the spring they tend to bloom all year around

Charlotte Featherstone said...

VFG, I feel the same way you do about the pictures. Just so lovely and peaceful. And my hyacinths smell soooo good. It's like spring in my study! ;)

Rane, you sound like a fantastic gardener! That is one thing I regret, that I haven't been able to spend enough time in my gardens, but maybe this spring will be different!

MorganE said...

My mother always grew Irises in our backyard during Spring. Right when you'd start seeing the Iris getting ready to bloom she'd cut them all and put them in every room of the house. Unfortunatley, I reside in Southern California and to find Irises out here is a rare treat, so I have bought bulb's to plant myself to cut and put in my living room and next to my bedisde.

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