Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Roundup

It's midweek, and I'm musing about all that I have to do. And boy, I don't look anywhere near as glamorous as the lovely lady in the picture above while I'm doing it!

So, I'm heading into that time that I like to refer to as deadline hell. Basically, I will be nose down, and fingers blistering across the keyboard as I finish writing Pride and Passion, then embark upon Vanity, and then Temptation and Twilight--all due by July. But today, I'll be doing the final touches on Seduction and Scandal, and then sending off the galley's to my editor. I like this stage. It's the last chance I  have to make the book shine. And I usually do little tweaks, and shuffle words around to get the right effect I am looking for. So, I'm planning on having a warm cuppa, and sitting in my comfy chair and whiling away the afternoon with Lord Black and Isabella.

But first, I need to do a bit of housekeeping here on the blog. And that is to announce February's contest winner, and announce March's contest. You can go HERE to learn about the contest for March. And...drumroll please....the winner of Februrary's contest is......

                                                                LAURA T!
Congratulations, Laura! Please leave a comment to this post, with your email addy, and I will be in contact with you. To all others, stay stuned, and keep following the blog. Lots of good stuff coming up, and some good contests, too. I'm all about the swag!

So, now I to the land of London in Autumn, with it's fog, and chilly autumnal winds, and the heat from Lord Black's intense gaze, which smolders with a deep sensuality....I can hardly wait!

What are you musing about today?    


Anonymous said...

Congrats Laura!!

June M. said...

Congrats....I too should be doing housework but instead I am online...*g*

Booklover1335 said...

Congrats Laura!

And I can't wait for Seduction and Scandal!'

And Charlotte, let us know if you need any bandages for the blisters because we would be more than happy to support the cause :)

VampFanGirl said...

*shudders* Lord Black's intense gaze sounds wonderful. So does London in Autumn. ;)

Congrats Laura!!

And I'm sending you motivational thoughts, Charlotte, as you embark upon deadline hell. (((hugs)))

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes, everyone. I always need them at this time of the writing process. Strangely, this is the time when I feel my writing is best, when I'm pressured. lol!

MorganE said...

Congratulations Laura - you will truley enjoy Lust, just finished it myself and it was amazing!

I can't wait for more of Charlotte's books to come out - waiting these next couple of months will be incredibly hard. Especially for the virtues books!

Good Luck Charlotte - your visions of characters and the worlds you take us to with your words make a dull and boring day so much better.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi Morgan!
Thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely words! One of the things I love most about writing is bringing the imaginary characters in my head to life!

Laura T said...

Am I the Laura T that won? If so, I am jumping in my chair! Yippeee!!!

Now I can't say..."oh, I never win anything!" LOL

Thanks so much,


Meljprincess said...

Congrats, Laura!

I need to run errands but it's cold out and I'm feeling quite lazy. Charlotte, the covers of LUST and PLEASURE are brill! I waited and waited for ADDICTED but it never showed up. Who does your covers because they really do a great job. I wish I was in England right now. :-)

Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

Dalila G. said...

WooHoo!! WTG Laura T.!

Can't wait for Seduction and Scandal, luv your books! ((HUGE SMILE))

No housework for me today, it's my free day, YAY!!

My advise for your deadlines -->>>> **CHOCOLATE** LOL!!
You're a trooper, so I know you'll beat anything that gets in your way! :-D

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