Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Feel a Little Sin Comin' On!

My last post talk of The Muse and the weird path she takes me on sometimes. I usually follow her, anxious to see where she leads. I followed her this time, and she got me a new series with Harlequin Spice! I'm so happy to share my good news with you guys. I think you're really going to like this series.

It was inspired by many things, mostly my love of dark, gothic things...and sin! :)
This series will release in Feb, 2011. I know it sounds like forever away, but I'm already writing the first book. It will be the next book to release after Sinful, and kind of follows the Sin theme!

The series takes place in Georgian England, approximately around the 1790's. There was a surgence of the Gothic in that era, so my series will definitely have a dark, gothic tone. It's also combined with fantasy elements.

I'd like to attach part of the proposal that I sent to my editor to give you an idea of what the series is about.

In Georgian England, the court of King George III is full of amusements, ranging from the innocent to the most depraved. London in 1790 is a dichotomy of wealth and poverty, the West End—home to families of ancient titles, palatial townhouses and elegant courtesans, and the East End—a maze of tumbledown rookeries, gin taverns and bawdy houses.

It is the height of the Season where days are spent shopping, making calls and riding in Hyde Park. The nights are filled with concerts, the opera, and balls where marriage minded young ladies parade themselves before the available gentlemen. In the East End, Covent Garden attracts both sides of the city, and the Dark Walk is an avenue for both moral and immoral pleasure seekers.

Absorbed in their own dazzlingly world of privilege and leisure, or struggling to survive the hell of their miserable existence, the residents of London have no idea that they are living—and sleeping—with those that are not human…

It is said that the Fey have always lived amongst the mortals, their world lying parallel to ours. They live in two courts, the ‘good’ faeries, belong to the Seelie Court, where gaiety and happiness reign. And then there are the Dark Fey, those who live in the Unseelie Court, or the unholy court as it is known. These dark faeries are mysterious and sensual, well versed in pleasures of the flesh. It is said that to look upon them and their beauty is to be drawn into their erotic, voluptuous world, and once there, your fate is sealed, your body and will, no longer your own.

And that is precisely what happened, once, long, long ago to a beautiful queen of the Seelie Court who caught the attention of the king of the Unseelie Court.

The king found the queen stunning, and he desired her. Soon the queen was all the king could think about; he was consumed with yearning for the beautiful queen and wanted her more than anything, but the queen spurned him. So, the king stole her from her bed while she slept and brought her to his court where he used his erotic skills to win her over. The king was certain he could win the queen’s love, but the queen despised the king, and once she delivered twin boys, she found a way to leave his dark court.

One night, she stole away, taking one son with her, the golden haired child who was the image of her Seelie self, leaving behind his dark-haired brother who bore his father’s resemblance. As she fled she placed a spell on the Unseelie Court, that it whither away, never to thrive again until the king of the Unseelie’s could make a woman give herself to him of her own free will and love her deeply in return. As well, she cursed the sons of the king’s siblings, and any future male children of the king with each cardinal sin, further destroying the princes’ chances of finding a woman who would give herself willingly.

To this day, the Queen’s spell holds strong. The Unseelie Court is dying.
Abandoned as an infant, the son, named Aragos, is left to be raised in the cold darkness of the Unseelie Court. He knows nothing of love or affection, just the warmth of plotting revenge against his Seelie brother, and the queen who left him to be raised in misery. As the eldest of the Unseelie princes, he assumes the rule of the dark court when his father dies. Aragos is forced to watch its splendor continue to dwindle beneath the spell.

Despite trying for years, Aragos has never been able to find a way to break the spell. Until he discovers an obscure myth in the scrolls which says that to keep the courts thriving, a mortal female must mate with a fae prince. The scrolls further say that every one hundred years, seven women are born into the mortal realm who represent the virtuous aspects of humanity. Chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility. The Seelie Fey, whose court is flourishing has always been able to tempt those virtuous mortals to their court, thereby mixing mortal and Fey blood together, ensuring longevity of their people.
It has been more than a century since the birth of the last virtues, and the seven mortal virtues are not only born, but of a marriageable age. These women, Aragos knows, are the only way to save the Dark Fey. He must find a way to entice the virtues to his court, but the trick is to ensure that they give themselves freely.
He spends much time thinking of a way, and finally comes upon a plan to ensure the virtues are unable to resist the Unseelie Court. He will use the Fey princes who represent the sins—lust, gluttony, greed, envy, sloth, wrath.

The King knows that the power of the dark court and its sensual mysteries are a lure to most mortals, and he can only hope that the virtues will feel the same. Could their resolve be softened? Could they, in fact, be tempted by sin?
Their task will not be easy, but nevertheless the king does set his plan in motion. Each sin will corrupt, through erotic pleasure and sinful offerings, their opposing virtues. But there is one caveat, the virtues must be enticed, never forced against their wills, and they must follow the sins back to the Unseelie Court of their own volition to live there and become the mates of the sins.
If the virtues give themselves freely, and mix their blood with that of the Fey, the court will once again flourish. Not only that, one union between a sin and virtue will produce a daughter that will grow up to be either the Seelie or Unseelie king’s bride.

Aragos is prepared to do battle with his twin brother, the Seelie King, for the right to claim the mortal as his. And only then, when his bride gives herself, and her soul to the Dark King will the spell be broken and the Unseelie court left to regain its glory of the past—a battle he knows will be bloody and fierce—but one he must win if he, and his court are to survive.

The future of the Dark Fey rests with the seven sins, and their ability to beguile their opposing virtues. But virtues being virtuous will not be easy to corrupt, and it will take very creative thinking on the part of the Sins to make the virtues fall into their dark, sensual embrace. But who is to save the Sins from falling for the charms of their virtues, especially when said virtues are ready for a taste of sin?

So, we've got some dark and sensual Unseelie Fey princes, and some maidenly mortal women who embody the virtues! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the sins have instore for their virtues!

The first book in the Sins and Virtues series will be.....LUST

To be followed by Vanity.

I'm looking forward to sharing these books with you. They're be historical, erotic, and full of romance, just like any other Charlotte book. My webmistress will be designing a new page for this series, and I'm already planning content for it.

Already, I'm fantasizing about the cover for LUST!

Thanks for letting me share!


Cecile said...

Omg Charlotte... First, I absolutely love the tank top!!!! **very wicked grin**
Next... okay... I want the books now!!! Honey, you are weaving a very delicious tale, in a new world to me. Consider me in this world!! I have my seat belt on for this ride!! Lust... and the other virtues.. put to the test.. the ultimate test.. Giving of oneself freely. Wow!!! What an amazing story you have there honey!!!
Again, my hat off to you!!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Thanks, Cecile!!!

It'll be fun writing them, and I'm looking forward to building the Unseelie Court world, making it decadent and sensual, and bringing the virtues there!!!!

Thanks for following along with me and my work. I can't say how much I appreciate it!!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Oh, and the tank top...I gotta get some of those for giveaways!!!!

Cecile said...

OH what!!!! Then I will be begging for one of those!!!

Charlotte, it is my pleasure to follow along with you on your journeys. Thank for allowing me to tag along for the ride. I can say that I have truly enjoyed myself! Thank you!
And yes, I can not wait to see where this worlds takes you (then me, lol)...
I hope you have a great weekend!

VampFanGirl said...

Ooooo girl!! This series sounds amazing! Huge congrats on selling your proposal to Spice. WOOT!

That pic at the very end is smoldering hot, btw. ;)

*Rubbing hands together in glee* I can't wait to read more about this! What is the series going to be called, do you know?

(((hugs))) VFG

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Right now, it's called Sins and Virtues, but that's just how I worked in to the proposal. I haven't heard if they'll keep it. BUT, if you've got a suggestion...if anyone has a suggestion, please don't be shy. Speak up and pitch it and I'll forward it to my editor.

I've written 8 pgs of LUST and so far, so good. I think you're gonna like the way Lust finds his way to his virtue, Chastity!

Armenia said...

Charlotte, thanks for sharing your beautiful images, they're beautiful...such inspiration. And, wow, your series sounds amazing. Dark and sensual Unseelie Fey princes and maidenly mortal women, my kind of erotic historical story.

I finally found a copy of ADDICTED, since I have read the wonderful reviews and plan on cocooning myself this long weekend.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Thanks guys for stopping in!

Armenia, I hope you like Addicted!!!!

Happy long weekend to everyone!

jennifer said...

I'm loving the concept. Cant wait 2 read them. I hope they get released n quick sucession. o n just a thought "the deadly sins of love"??

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Jennifer, that's a great suggestion!

I hope the books go over well with readers! And thanks for stopping by!

Lisa G said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this series. What a great twist on the Fae world. Please let us know when we can expect Lust to be available!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I will definitely keep you guys updated! I think LUST is scheduled for Feb 2011.

I know....a looooong time away!

ranearia said...

This sounds awesome! I can't wait to read about sexy Fey princes!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

thanks Raneria!

First chapter of Lust is done!!!!

Patti said...

I read about Addicted through VampFanGirl, and loved it! Just found your blog today, this series sounds intriguing. Love the tanktop!

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