Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A BIG contest in time for the holidays!

I love Christmas. Love it, love it, love it. And this month, well, in a little more than a week actually, I have a new release coming out, and I want to celebrate it with all of you. Many of you will already know it, but the book is called Pride and Passion, and it involves a very passionate couple, Lucy Ashton, and a duke, Adrian York. I loved writing this book. It made me laugh, made me cry, and made me think.

You see, Lucy is a product of her times. She's basically a pawn, as most women were back in the day. But Lucy has a voice. Sure, her father isn't hearing it, but she voices it all the same. It made me rather grateful that I was born in the century I was, because I don't believe I would have fared well back then, when I was expected to hold my tongue and obey the commands of the men around me, even if they father or husband! No, I surely would not have been a very obediant daughter, or wife. I am much too independent, too stubborn, and yes, something very volatile bristles inside me at the thought of a man telling me I cannot do something!

But you know, there are still places in the world today where a woman's voice is stifled. Where women and girls are second class citizens, to even little boys. It makes me angry to be honest. I am a daughter, a wife, a professional, a writer, and a woman. There is not much closed off to me, I've had a dream of being a writer since I was eight years old, and I've achieved that dream because no one told me I couldn't. No one  told me it was silly or useless, or not my place to leave the house. No one forbid me an education, no one denied me the right to follow the dream I saw before me. I am the mother of a daughter who has the same dream laden path awaiting her. She has a father who is not only invested in her life, but in her dreams as well. He's never told her she can't. She's never been anything less than wonderful in his eyes, despite the fact she's 'just a girl'. I have two beautiful nieces, and they do whatever boys can do--and enjoying telling you they can!

We are so blessed in our Westernized countries to be independent, to be able to follow dreams and speak our minds. To grow up loved and protected, educated, and encouraged. To be what we want to be. To write what we want, and read what we want (yes, all those sexy romance novels! Imagine being denied reading them. I for one cannot imagine being denied writing them!)

I am supported by absolutely wonderful, successful women, my agent Jessica Alvarez from Bookends Literary Agency (an agency founded by a woman, and run by women btw, and rather successful, I might add), my wonderful editor, my wonderful cover artist, my friends, my coworkers who work alongside me every day as I work as nurse, helping women bring their babies into the world. My mum who taut me my worth was more than that of the man whose arm my fingers were laid upon. These are all women who have made a difference in my life, and other's as well.

It is in this spirit of women giving back to women, and of Lucy being able to at last have her voice heard, and to be gifted with love by a man who not only listens to her, but accepts her for who she is, that I am happy and excited to announce that I will be donating half of my royalties for Pride and Passion to the wonderful organization of Because I am a Girl. Please have a quick peek at the videos, or have a look around the website to see what wonderful things they are doing for girls and women. It`s not charity, it`s empowerment!

 It's my hope that myself, my readers, and Lucy from Pride and Passion might make a difference in the world of women! I will keep everyone up to date of how much I donate, and when. In the meantime, watch these very powerful short videos.


Now have a peek at this one:

I am very passionate about this cause, thankyou for helping me to share it.

Now, a big contest you ask? YES!!!!! So, in keeping with the spirit of sisterhood, my most talented friend, Heidi has made me a wonderful prize to give away. for the release of Pride and Passion. The prize is rather fitting, I think, for Lucy from Pride and Passion collects these. And I was thinking that it`s a fitting way to not only represent the book, but also the girl themed organization. Without further adieu, I give you the grand prize; the Pride and Passion doll, just in time for Christmas gift giving and keep for yourself, or give to a daughter, grand daughter, neice, mother, grandmother, god child, and the list goes on and on!

Grand Prize. This exquistie doll from Victorian Nursery, and a signed copy of Pride and Passion.

Prize Number Two: A Fifty dollar Amazon gift card, and a signed copy of Pride and Passion

Prize Number Three: The beautiful bookmark, and a signed copy of Pride and Passion

Prize Number Four: Any signed copy of any book from my backlist (just not the Secrets one, I`m out of those!) and a Because I Am A Girl T-shirt.

So what`s the catch, right. There is one, but nothing too heavy. Just blog, review, chat about Pride and Passion, Tweet the book, this contest, or Facebook it, and come back to this blog and send a link to whatever you did in the comment section. Do it a couple of times and increase your chance of winning. And that`s it. Easy peasy.

The contest will close on Thursday, Dec 1, at Midnight EST so there is enough time to ship it for Christmas, or whatever holiday or special occasion you might be celebrating.
Please visit Victorian Nursery and discover all the beautiful dolls that Heidi has made. Good luck to everyone! I`ll keep this post up so it doesn`t get missed.

happy holidays, and Peace On Earth!
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